purple potatoes, pickled onions and progress.

Apologies for my kindergarten-esque approach to blogging this week. I’m going to chalk it up to the fact that my brain is tired — first “real” meeting with my committee this morning. It will be fine, but the meeting does have the word “exam” in the title, and I’m still a tad nervous.

Onward to the letter “P”.


Purple Potatoes. These are, in fact, from my friend P.’s farm! Aren’t they beautiful?


Pickled Onions — from  (where else) Smitten Kitchen — Deb made a pickled red onion and escarole salad last week that sounded incredible, so I made the onions, put them on a bed of spinach and fried an egg to make it dinner.


Progress. This baby is going to arrive any moment now, and I really would love to be able to give this to my committee chair next week. I have a knitting date right after the meeting with my committee. Knitting friends + garter stitch = therapy.

Happy weekend.


4 thoughts on “purple potatoes, pickled onions and progress.

  1. Good luck!! Those potatoes sure are purty. I’m determined to try growing potatoes this year. But, I’m running out of sunny space for beds in the backyard. Time to move! ;)

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