more letter b’s.



Baking… (triple ginger cookies from 101 cookbooks, and some giant muffins from one of many Moosewood cookbooks in my collection)


Baby Surprise Jacket… (the chair of my committee is expecting a baby boy to arrive next week)


and Brightness, in the form of new green sheets and a comforter. I’m still looking for a pale quilt or blanket to fold on the end of the bed for Boh to lounge on. This makes a huge difference in the overall cheeriness of my room!

Must get back to reading — hoping to settle into a routine/rhythm for this semester by the end of the week.

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “more letter b’s.

  1. Happy Monday to you, too! I absolutely love your new comforter as well as all the green in this post. I think there’s a different, lovely shade of green in each photo! Love, love, love.

  2. Oh yum!! I love your food pictures and those calzones from the last post (I have to credit you at least partially in completely revamping my cooking and eating over the last year!!) And I love that green! I hope you are faring well with all the weather, did you get hit too badly?

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