half a pair…


All I can say is worsted weight. It makes socks fly! (Also, knitting is often more fun than reading for class.) I did some bargaining with myself when I got home from class this afternoon: if I let myself finish the first sock, I need to read 100 pages of the next book before bed. Time to go hold up my end of the deal!


3 thoughts on “half a pair…

  1. come onnnnnnnnnnn… you knit that up in like a day. geez! i’m so impressed. i like when you knit socks because you make sure to put your audaciously colored kitchen wall in the background. i love it. i just went up to the mountains today and made my largest yarn purchase ever, some alpaca/merino, to knit a wrap for mama. my prediction is that it will be beautiful, but she won’t like it, and unfortunately it is not a paige nor a molly color. oh well. it will be good practice. time to go and finish up my fingerless gloves. how fun!


  2. Hehe…love the bargaining. :) The sock looks great! I always wondered if knitting socks with a heavier weight yarn would make for a bulky sock, but your boy sock does not look bulky in the least. Just very cozy and awesome.

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