spooky forests and superwash socks.


Friday afternoon, we went frolicking slightly further afield. We hopped in the car and headed south to a nearby state forest to stretch our muscles and allow our minds to unwind a bit from a busy week. If you’ve been reading, you know I’ve been looking for good boy sock patterns, and the hang-up I’ve been facing has to do with how “fancy” sock patterns and sock yarn can be. I’ve settled on some socks made out of good, old-fashioned Cascade 220 superwash, as the feet they are intended for spend most of their time in hiking boots, romping through the woods.


Here’s what I’ve got so far — I’m using size 5 needles, and keeping my fingers crossed that the fabric is dense enough to support the amount of use I hope these get. Should I be thinking about carrying nylon thread along with the yarn for the heel? I should be reading right now, but I’d so much rather be working on these socks — or better still, off in the woods with boy and dog.

Here’s a picture of my reading companion. If only he’d start pulling his weight around here…


Back to the books. Have a great Sunday!


1 thought on “spooky forests and superwash socks.

  1. I meant one knitter who reinforced the heels of the socks she knit for her husband with fishing line! (I always wondered if that wouldn’t cut through the wool.)

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