almost (FO) gathered cardi

These pictures are incredibly awkward, but I think you get the idea. I took these in my cabin late at night, so I’m wearing a hooded sweater underneath the cardi in these pictures. I’m envisioning wearing it with lots of layers as a swingy over-sweater kind of a thing. I’d call this an FO, as blocking out here at Base Camp is highly unlikely, except that I need an appropriately large and funky button to make this wearable. Hoping to find some time to play at Goodwill or the flea market the next time I run errands in town. 

In keeping with my routine of photographing the sky around me, I think this summer you’ll see more evening than morning skies here at the blog. I love the transition from day into night, and I often find myself strolling back down the road after feeding Boh his dinner, sighing at all of the beauty around me. A few shots from earlier this week:

I cast on for a new project as soon as I finished the cardi knitting. Pictures soon!


3 thoughts on “almost (FO) gathered cardi

  1. Once again, that is SUCH a cute sweater. It looks great pre-blocking — I say you start wearing it the second you get a button!

  2. A large funky button will be the perfect finishing touch for a very pretty cardi! :-)

    The pictures are amazing. I also love that twilight time between day and night. You captured it so beautifully with your camera.

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