to the bat cave?

Um, yes. That is correct. This bat has taken up residence in the rafters of my little cabin. So far we’ve managed to get along just fine. These pictures, surprisingly, were taken at about 10 am, when I returned to my cabin to grab something and heard a strange scratching noise. This fella was attempting to inch his way along the central roof beam, and I believe the light was making it a bit difficult. Anyway, here are a few pictures (excuse the darkness/blurriness) of the gathered cardigan in that same cabin:

Though I recognize that this sweater is neither my style nor cut to be the absolute most flattering on me, I do love it. The back is far more swingy than this picture suggests, which may make it hard to wear, but I’m hoping I can rock it over lots of layers. I’m working on sleeve #2 now, and am hoping to find the perfect big wooden button for the front. This is my second time using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, and I am even more pleased with the drape and stitch definition this time around. Also, stress (common this time of year) makes me buy yarn. Look for some confessional photos soon…

Sunset earlier in the week. More soon!


5 thoughts on “to the bat cave?

  1. Is it strange that I think bats are adorable? I think it’s the giant ears.

    Love the sweater, especially the color. That’s one of my favorite yarns, and I may need to replenish my supply of it soon. I could definitely see that sweater over lots of layers; super cute!

  2. :) I think bats are adorable too! We had them living under the shingles of the very rural house I grew up in, and every now and then one would get inside the house.
    I think the gathered cardi will be very cute! The sleeves will help balance it out – adorable and comfortable, great combo!

  3. Bats are cute, but please take precautions. They have been known to attack unprovoked, and I’ve heard of two different people dying of rabies from bat attacks in the last year or two. Of course, had they gotten their rabies shot, they wouldn’t have died, but I think they didn’t realize the bats had scratched them. I’m fuzzy on the details, but just remember being very shocked by it.

    Beautiful cardi! ;-)

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