scrap yarn: brilliant concept.


I am excited about my Brompton cardigan — a bit nervous, as this is the first time I have tried to fit something to myself — but excited all the same. The fit in the chest seems perfect, but the armholes seemed a bit loose on me. The prospect of ripping back a few rows to take out the raglan increases in the arms seemed less than enjoyable, so I decided to divide and try it on again to get a better sense for how it will lay.


This picture made me feel a bit better. It may be a tad loose, but I want the fit to be similar to Alice’s, with some positive ease so that it is comfy and can be worn over layers. The last 10 rows took forever, but those are also the longest rows, so I think the next bit will be  bit quicker (in my head, at least!). Have I mentioned (today) that I love Rowan Felted Tweed? It is gorgeous. I love the bits of orangey brown — they offset the blue-green color perfectly.

As the theme of the day is scrap yarn, I didn’t stop there.


[Note to self: Shiny-ish yarn, unfinished, cropped sweater, arms length away — these do not make for flattering photographs.]

I present Rusted Root! I began this in September, and have been working on it whenever I am on an airplane. I may have to break that rule, as I just need to knit another 6 or so inches and then knit the ribbing on the bottom, neckline and sleeves. I switched from some hot pink plastic Susan Bates needles to my KnitPicks Harmony Options, and got this project all settled in a very pretty knitting bag. It would be great to wear this in a few weeks when spring arrives…

As I write this, there is a mixture of snow and freezing rain falling. Snow day?


5 thoughts on “scrap yarn: brilliant concept.

  1. The Rowan Felted Tweed is gorgeous! Definitely break the airplane-only rule and finish up the Rusted Root. It looks great so far.

  2. I love my Rusted Root. I get so much wear out of it, and it’s great for layering. I’ve worn it in winter too! Yours looks lovely.

  3. Brompton is going to be great! It’s such a nice slouchy design. And I have a sweater in Felted Tweed that I just love. It’s the perfect sweater yarn.

  4. Rusted Root looks great! You should totally just finish it, airplane or nay. Yay for top-downs! I love that you can try them on as you go.

  5. Those are going to be two GREAT sweaters!! You must be so excited :) I love the yarn for your Brompton – it’s perfect.

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