before march is over…

….want to see what we’ve been up to? (Still no knitting to show.)

beforemarchover - 1

Those ears, though.

beforemarchover - 11

Professor costume. (Complete with old flares I found in the back of the closet? Apparently these are in again.)

beforemarchover - 12

Sweet dog.

beforemarchover - 7

New jeans.

beforemarchover - 8

Spring dress!

beforemarchover - 2

Another spring dress! And a new, bright red bag.

beforemarchover - 6

Fun with airport conveyor belts. (There were lots on my way to my most recent conference.)

beforemarchover - 9

Fries INSIDE the shwarma sandwich.

beforemarchover - 10


beforemarchover - 4

Accidental St. Patrick’s Day green.

beforemarchover - 3

Happy, happy dog.

beforemarchover - 5

A Shovels and Rope roadtrip: two hours each way and totally worth it. Happy almost April, friends!


6 thoughts on “before march is over…

  1. You’ve been doing some retail therapy, that’s always good for the soul!
    How in the world does Boh stick his ear straight up like that?! Amazing!
    I must say I had to look up Shovels and Rope, they sound like an interesting and exciting pair.
    April is about to play a cruel joke on us here in Michigan, snow and cold are predicted for the weekend, ugh!
    Enjoy your April, hopefully lots of good walking Boh weather!

  2. A quick update? I am always inspired by colors in the horizon where ever I am…looks like you have new horizons to explore! Hope it translates to some knitting. Best of everything to you.

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