dr. rooster


I’ve spent the week reading my dissertation.


And today, I put on one version of my professor costume (I will never not call it that, K.), and headed to campus for my dissertation defense. And after a lovely, productive conversation about my work, and congratulations from my committee, I came home and crossed the defense off my list for good.


And then a dear friend brought over beautiful flowers.


Aren’t they lovely? They’re my first fresh flowers of spring. What a perfect day for them. I think it will take awhile for today’s milestone to really sink in, but hooray!


Dr. Rooster


18 thoughts on “dr. rooster

  1. You beat me to the blog comment congratulations! I’m so happy for you, Dr.! It’s been wonderful to watch your journey through grad school, and I’m sure there are big things–any many more opportunities to wear your professor costume–ahead for you. Sometime we’ll have to be in the same place and grab a drink together so we can talk academia and fiber :)

  2. Congratulations Dr.! What a huge accomplishment and years of hard work, Amy. So very proud of you and over the moon happy for you! *clink, clink* in a toast to you. :-)

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