[clears throat]

Hi, friends. I seem to be neglecting this space. But the good news is that I have been knitting — mostly simple things, and a lot of garter stitch bias blankets as presents. Want to see some of what we’ve been up to these last few months?


Well, this guy has been doing a lot of this.


And I’ve been knitting a lot of colorblock bias blankets, all of them wedding presents.


I can’t even pick one; I love all the different color combinations I’ve been using for these.


Oh, and this hat is going to make its way to a friend who I’m pretty sure has been wearing a hat I made him something like 8 years ago — one of my earliest projects.


Another! This yellow yarn was a cashmere blend that I bought in NYC maybe in 2007? It just hadn’t found the right project yet. I love this stripe of brightness.


This blanket has some Fibre Company Knightsbridge AND a whole skein of Malabrigo. So soft.


A walk on a cold but sunny day. I love all the different colors in the water and ice of the stream.


An attempt at a self portrait with Boh. He never looks at the camera when we try this, so this is about as good as they get.


Butternut tikka masala from Feasting at Home. This was SO GOOD.


The finished blanket with the Knightsbridge and Malabrigo.


I got a very cool portable standing desk, and now Boh supervises by sitting right next to me while I write.


I’m on the academic job market right now, and it is brutal. Boh and I needed a little bit of sunshine this afternoon, and the view from the park near my house helped. Everything was sparkling today.


A baby hat out of handspun for a friend’s soon-to-be-here baby.


An adventure to find the waterfall at a local natural area owned by my university. I think it was December, but it felt like fall.



Happy, happy rooster. (And happy Boh, too.)

Hope you’re all well, fiber friends.


7 thoughts on “[clears throat]

  1. Hi,
    So glad you and Boh are doing well! I figured you were busy with the holidays and school! The knitting is wonderful, blankets are such a welcome gift and to have a hand knit blanket is just plain over the top special.
    Good luck with the job hunting!
    P. S. How old is our furry sweetheart, Boh?

  2. Glad to hear from you and Boh; love the self portrait! And of course the blankets. Best of luck with the job search.

  3. Yay you’re back. Is Boh getting some distinguished gray eyebrows? They make his quizzical portraits all the more endearing. Those blankets look like the perfect it’s-winter-and-i’m job-searching projects. The academic job market is a common topic in our house too. It’s sobering for sure…you’re right to work in enjoyable eating, hobbies, and hikes!

  4. Missed YOU. Got my own smooshy-faced lab friend since we have heard from you. I think “love this dog.” all the time!

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