Whoa. Can we hit pause, please? This summer is moving far too quickly for me. I’m not really knitting (though I’ve got another one of those colorblock bias blankets on the needles), but I’m not ready to be done with this space, so here’s a handful of images from the last several weeks. As you can see, Boh is hard at work. (I am too, though those photos aren’t anywhere near as thrilling.) Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!


Boh and I went to the Berkshires for a writing retreat. Here we are taking an afternoon hike along a section of the Appalachian Trail.


And here we are looking out across the Berkshires from the top of Mt. Greylock.


A local lap around a manmade lake on campus.


Sweet dog with his favorite bone.


Farm flowers and pancakes.


Out for a hike.


More farm flowers.


A view from a bridge over the inlet that leads to the lake.




I’m dog-sitting for a friend for a few weeks, so we’ve doubled the number of dogs here. These two play hard and then collapse on the couch like this. So sweet.


This was our first day together. Lots of cuddling, not so much working.

Maybe I’ll have some knitting to share next time?!


8 thoughts on “August?

  1. Looks like you’ve had a nice summer. Boh looks like he enjoyed the outdoor time. Love the photo of the Appy Trail. I laughed out loud at his bone photo … he’s cheezin’ big time. haha The flowers and pancakes are beautiful. Love that Boh gets to have a very pretty friend visit. I dog-sit several times a year. Samson doesn’t mind at all, as long as he continues to be the Alpha dog. :-)

    Although we don’t know one another, I truly enjoy your photos and hope you continue to post as randomly as you wish.

  2. Love the post with or without wool. No worries though….fall is coming and the yarny goodness will be back front and center. And besides, we always have Boh

  3. Always nice to see a post from you, knitting or not! Looking forward to getting my own dose of doggy sweetness at my parent’s… Wishing you good progress with the writing!

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