FO: colorblock bias blanket.


Tada! I love how this turned out, and I finished it in time to give it to M. and J. on Sunday. I’m bummed that I won’t be able to attend their wedding next month, so it was nice to at least get to give them their present in person.


The blanket, folded.


Boh, napping.


Happy dog, after a walk that got cut short by a downpour!


Stunning sunset.


More napping.


Farmers’ market flowers.


Boh with a ball of yarn that’s attached to colorblock bias blanket #2!


Yep. This one is also a wedding present.


I’m absolutely loving these colors together. Hoping to make some serious progress on my overdue wedding knitting this summer. (You know, in addition to making progress on my dissertation…)



9 thoughts on “FO: colorblock bias blanket.

  1. Wow – the finished blanket and the one in progress both look great! What pattern did you use – or did you just wing it?

    I always enjoy pictures of Boh. Give him a kiss from me. :-)

  2. Simple is so often the best answer. Wish I could remember that more often!

  3. What lovely wedding gifts – I’m sure they will be so appreciated!

    And of course, great images of Boh and all the lovely goodies – like farmer’s market flowers!

    Here’s hoping that your knitting plans fall into place, along with your work on your dissertation. :)

  4. The blanket turned out just beautifully! I love the colors. I’m sure it will be much appreciated.

    Write like the wind this summer! Oh, that sunset — you’ll be in a beautiful setting with good company in the form of a sweet dog for all your research and writing.

  5. I’m really behind on my blog -writing AND blog-reading. this was one of the first stops on my reader, and I had to write and say that that sunset picture is beautiful! You live in such a nice spot.

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