FO: turnstile.


I LOVE this. And I can’t wait to make more. I might cast on another TODAY.


I snapped these pictures very late last night. I figured I’d kitchener the two ends of the tube together right after dinner and then have plenty of time for other things.


Wrong. The grafting took hours — in part because I haven’t kitchenered anything in quite a while, but also because to kitchener many many stitches you need to have a pretty long yarn tail, and it kept getting caught on the other needles, tangled, etc.


But worth it? Totally. The stripes are addicting, and I anticipate wearing this (and any others I might make) a lot. My handspun eternity scarves might be the knitwear I wear most frequently, and I think this pattern (or some variation on it) is a great way for me to use beautiful sock yarn. (You know, because I’ve realized that I mostly wear socks with boots, so you can’t see them.)


In other news, I took this dog on a great walk. It was clear we were going to get pretty muddy — this is a before picture.


Doesn’t this picture just look like spring? So much growth in the woods.

Happy dog.


We were muddier than this toes/paws picture lets on. And we were quite content. (Though Boh needs to work on actually sitting on the blanket I keep in the back of my car for post-walk muddy dogs. He just moves it out of the way…)


Also, we’ve reached that point in the spring where I can put on a fleece and take my coffee out to the porch. See that new french press? My dear friend D, the person who goes with that adorable dog who visited us last month, remembered me saying that my beloved stainless steel french press was on its last legs. The mesh ripped, so my coffee was rather gritty. That was a year ago. So when D came to visit, he brought this: a bigger press, which is stainless steel on the inside, but has an insulated bottom and handle so I don’t burn myself on it. And the lid has a screen, so there’s no chance of coffee grounds getting into my coffee. Also, no spillage while pouring, which means I can bring it out to the porch. Perfection.



8 thoughts on “FO: turnstile.

  1. Love, love your Turnstile! I can see why you,d knit more of them. A great stash-buster for sure? And yes, while grafting that many sts is a pita, it is totally worth it. I’m about to embark on the same with my Millwater cowl- fewer sts. :-)

    Oh and before I forget? That D is a keeper. What a nice guy!

  2. Awesome Turnstile – and wow – what a great way to combine sock yarn into a practical but gorgeous cowl -thingy. Great job!

    As always – love the Boh business – and what dog doesn’t really appreciate slightly muddy toes if it means time well-spent outside, in the Spring, sniffing away to heart’s content?

    Lovely new coffee press – and since the weather is better – what better way than to snuggle with a Turnstile and head to the porch – coffee in hand?!

    Delightful :)

  3. Your Turnstile is awesome! I am kind of in love with the colors you chose — they work perfectly! And hooray for spring!

  4. So cozy! I love infinity scarves.

    Trekking outdoors with Boh seems like the perfect spring activity. I’m jealous of your screen porch. I’m actually thinking about moving my computer desk to our back sun porch for the summer — the natural light and the fresh air from all the windows hold great appeal.

    The French press sounds awesome, too — mine is subpar and the coffee is always gritty.

  5. Beautiful! I love your Turnstile … in fact, I am now contemplating a shameless copy-cat action. And yay for springtime and muddy puppies and coffee!!

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