shawls and scarves.

They are the best knitted things for coping with a never-ending winter. I haven’t picked up the needles in the last month, but I have been wrapping myself in warm things. And some of the times I do this, I remember to snap a picture. So, some knits in action. (And, of course, Boh in action.)


Snowbird and Boh keeping me warm on the couch.


Stripe study shawl.


Just Boh in action. Here he’s “helping” with my pile of grading.


Handspun eternity scarf — it matches my jacket perfectly!


Lightweight cowl — I don’t even remember the name of this pattern, but it’s got a loose-knit ribbing that drapes beautifully.

Spring break starts this morning, which means I can pause all of my teaching prep (for most of the week, anyway) and focus on my dissertation. I’m hoping to get a lot of writing done, and Boh is hoping for longer walks. Seems reasonable. (And maybe there will be time for knitting?)


5 thoughts on “shawls and scarves.

  1. Cozy, cozy, and so many doggy snuggles! Glad you get a chance to slow down and work on the important stuff this week. ; ) Enjoy spring break!

  2. I swear, I am going to fly out there and steal your Snowbird AND your Stripe Study Shawl. ….Or, I guess I could just make my own, as that would be way less creepy. :) But seriously, I have been admiring your Stripe Study since the day you finished it. I love the black and white!

    Happy Spring Break!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful week and get the things you need and want to get done – done :)

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