like a lamb.


Spring! To celebrate, Boh and I headed into town and took one of our favorite walks.


The falls were raging — I can only imagine how fast they are flowing after this afternoon’s steady rain.


A couple hours of direct sunlight warmed up the porch enough that Boh and I could work (lounge) there on Saturday afternoon with a cup of tea. (Note: I am extremely upset about the burn marks on my beautiful yellow table, but I’m trying to move past it.)



Rough life.


Working on the second-to-last stripe, with Boh’s permission and close supervision, of course.


A little bit of dissertation writing on the couch today, wrapped in my terra shawl. Perfect for a damp spring day. Back to work — and to eating the Easter chocolate my mom sent me…


8 thoughts on “like a lamb.

  1. The shawl looks so pretty in real life; warm and cozy just as you intended while you were knitting it. I continue to be amazed at what the subleter did to your home while you were away. Awful.

  2. Looks like an awfully cozy way to write. Those crocuses are lovely — we have just a few blooming here in Chicago, too. Hooray for the home stretch on Hudson Bay!

  3. Simply lovely images. I’m always filled with a sense of tranquility when I stop by for a visit here at your blog.

  4. It’s so upsetting when people are blatantly disrespectful of others and their property. I’d have a difficult time dealing with it. If I break something that belongs to someone, I replace it … and I expect to be treated that same way. I’m sorry such a great trip was ended with such disappointment.

    I have always been a bird watcher. It’s so calming to spend time outside watching and listening to them. A birding class would be great!

    Welcome home … I’ve missed Boh’s sweet face. :-)

  5. i’m finally seeing some crocuses (crocii?) around here, and it’s making me so happy! hooray, spring! hooray, it’s warm enough to open some windows!

    i’m sorry about your table :(

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