another -itis.



Yep. Startitis. Does codeine cough syrup cause that?


Excuse the terrible picture of this finished Snow Cowl. J., of new-knitter/fingerless-mitt fame ’round these parts knit one of these and I loved how squishy it was. And then I was organizing my stash and came upon two balls of Malabrigo Gruesa, already wound, that I’d planned to turn into an Urchin so very long ago. This was a fast and super satisfying knit. It’s blocking now on the dining room table, so I’ll snap a better picture or two once it is dry.





I began and finished this Early Morning Beret yesterday. (Excuse my bleary-eyed state in that photo — I finished the beret while I was waiting to take one more dose of cough syrup before bedtime.) I knit it out of some absolutely swoonworthy Fibre Company Knightsbridge (70/30 alpaca/merino, now discontinued) that I acquired when I was first accumulating a stash. I started knitting this as a gift, but I’m keeping it. I’ve got enough yarn to knit another, or I might knit myself some matching fingerless mitts.


And here’s Boh, helping with yarn organization.


And helping some more. (Keeping me warm?)


More helping? This dog has been nothing but sweet to me while I’ve been feeling lousy. Today I took him on a special walk to say thank you. More on that soon!


5 thoughts on “another -itis.

  1. Oh wow, that’s some serious (and awesome) startitis! Love the beret — the pattern’s new to me.

    Do you wear fingerless mitts fairly often? If so, I’d go with those. If not, then another hat.

    I spent my weekend knitting time buckling down on finishing work on a few projects. Now I’m itching to cast on something new and exciting, too!

  2. So many projects! All finished and lovely! That hat is awesome, and I’d definitely go with the mitts, too, if you’d use them.

  3. Wow, I’m impressed!! Usually when I get startitis, I start a bunch of stuff that lingers on the WIP shelf forever. You finished those great knits as quickly as you started them!

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