Unfortunately, that’s the word I’m using (and the word the PA I saw today used) to describe my cough. Though I started feeling a lot better by the end of last week, there’s been almost a whole second week of coughing, which basically means I’m not sleeping super well. The good news is that the PA prescribed some codeine cough syrup to help me sleep. Here’s a bunch of pictures from this week: lots of dog cuddling, and some knitting and cooking amidst the paper-commenting I’ve been doing.



Brussels sprouts and bacon, before and after.




Tuesday it was warm enough on the porch for me to spend the day working at my yellow table. Boh took a really good nap out there.


Dog cuddling and movie-watching.



More dog cuddling.


Peanut butter popcorn, this time with sriracha instead of vanilla. I might have eaten this instead of my dinner on Wednesday.


The cough was keeping me up at night — tough to get to sleep while laying in bed. On Wednesday night I got out my sleeping bag and slept in my grandfather’s chair.


Boh is also a master of sleeping in strange positions…


Bristol in progress. I love how this is knitting up! I’m a couple of repeats in. Can’t wait to wear this! (Or at least see how it looks on my head.)


My dear friend M. invited me over for dinner last night. This pear and blue cheese salad and some mushroom, rosemary, and cheese-medley pizza were exactly what I needed. (This hearty meal plus some nighttime cold medicine helped me sleep much more soundly last night.)

That’s what I’ve got for now. Happy weekend!


5 thoughts on “persistent.

  1. Oh no, poor you! That’s not good, esp. when you can’t sleep.

    That meal looks delicious.

    I’m amazed at how much light you get in your lake home! Do you usually keep herbs going in pots indoors in the winter?

  2. That dinner looks delicious! Sorry to hear about the cough, but I’m glad the cough medicine is helping.

  3. i’m sorry you still aren’t feeling well :(.

    love brussels sprouts and bacon! toss some red chili flakes on there and a fried egg on top, and you have one of my absolute favorite meals!

  4. :( hope you’re feeling better soon and get to have some rest with the semester winding up. <3

  5. Boo to persistent coughs! I hope you’re feeling better — and Boh is keeping it cute and cuddly. Also: yum!
    p.s. I really like buckwheat honey for coughs/congestion. Has worked wonders for me … though not as powerful as codeine. ;)

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