break out the alpaca.

Also known as the answer to evening and early morning temperatures in the 40s. Fall is here, and to celebrate, I’ve been working on my Kerrera. I finished the second sleeve this week, and aside from realizing that I did something wonky on the first sleeve and should probably rip back the double garter on that one and do it again, I’m pretty happy with how it is coming along.

Can you see that the sleeve on the right in this photo has a shorter cuff than the one on the left? I can, so I’ll probably attempt to fix that. Here’s a side/back view:

Something I noticed while snapping these pictures: this sweater is pretty heavy, and the drapey gauge I’m knitting it at isn’t necessarily helping. To counter this — and to increase my chances of actually finishing this before another winter goes by — I decided to look for alternatives to the large hood. I found this version by ravelry user belletrism, and I really like the wide collar. I knit the first few hood increases and finished off with some double garter. What do you think?

I really like it, and I think it will be cozy and floppy once I knit the double garter band along the fronts and the outer edges of this collar. I am a little worried about the sizing, as the weight may cause this to really stretch out as I wear it, so I’m already thinking about tossing this in the dryer after I block it (and it dries completely) to snug everything up a bit. I’m nervous about the idea, but I’ve read that a lot of people do this with handknits. Do you?

I hope you all have a fabulous, cozy Sunday. If I can get everything prepped for my class tomorrow, I’ll be spending my afternoon curled up on the couch with Boh and my Kerrera!


3 thoughts on “break out the alpaca.

  1. Ooh, this looks super cozy! And perfect for fall. As for the dryer … I can’t remember if I’ve every tried that particular trick. Maybe wait and see how things shape up after blocking? Happy Monday to you and Boh!

  2. This looks so, so cozy. I think the wide floppy collar will be terrific — I don’t think you’d really use the hood anyway, and this is a great look.

    I don’t know — I wouldn’t throw this in the dryer, but I’m very risk averse. Have you tried it with a different look on the bottom? Maybe tights and a pencil skirt to balance out the heavy, drapey look on top? I’d make sure to squeeze in a few non-dryer wearings before doing it.

    Looks like you’re kicking off autumn just right — a cozy sweater and a snuggly dog.

  3. I saw that version of Kerrera (maybe from you?) on Ravelry and really like it. Hoods look so wonderful but don’t always work on a sweater in reality. I think that version looks so good with the sweater. And the double garter? I made the kid-version for my daughter a couple of years ago and messed up something on the collar for it and could not stand the thought of ripping it out but couldn’t stand looking at it either. Solution: I made a knitted flower and sewed it on over the mishap. That wouldn’t work so well on the sleeve, though. Can’t wait to see it all finished up. It’s going to be a fantastic piece for layering and keeping you warm and comfy.

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