can’t lose.

I spent the whole weekend on the couch with Boh waiting out some food poisoning or a stomach bug. There was a lot I was hoping to get done this weekend that did not get done. But on the bright side, being a knitter means that even when I feel terrible, I can still make progress on something. My Peace Fleece pinwheel blanket is much more blob-like than it was before I got sick. (Can’t lose.) Plus, I finally let myself begin a full-on Friday Night Lights binge. It’s going to be sort of tough to get back into the pace of the week after a very quiet, sedentary, bland-food-filled weekend. Before I head to campus, I thought you might want to see a couple of pictures of just how sweet Boh can be when I’m feeling lousy.

He is such a good boy. Happy Monday, everyone! More soon.


5 thoughts on “can’t lose.

  1. Oh no! Tummy ailments are the worst! At least you had Boh for good company. Hope you’re feeling better.

    You’re pretty much the queen of pinwheel blankets. I’m beginning to think I need to try one, as clearly they’re addicting. Would you recommend Fri. Night Lights? I’ve never seen it!

  2. Glad to read that you’re feeling better, though that stuff kinda lingers. There’s nothing like a snuggly cuddly animal to get you through the ickies.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Yuck. Hope you’re feeling better and getting into the swing of Monday. Tummy bugs are never any fun … even when there’s FNL to be watched and Boh to be cuddled.

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon, however, I think Tim Riggins can make even the sick feel better …. ha ….

  5. He looks like he was having sympathy pains with you. Such a companion. They don’t come any better. Hope you’ll be feeling like yourself real soon.

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