first tomato of the summer.

I broiled half of it on toast with cheese and basil, and I ate the other half with my hands. Hooray for the first tomato of summer!

Also, hooray for whisper! I’m starting to think I might need another. I absolutely love the neckline, and I’d love a longer version…

Here’s another knit in action: my very first wedding pinwheel blanket. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this particular knit in all kinds of use — as a lap blanket, as a spot for a catnap, as a baby blanket, and last night, as a pillow for my favorite greyhound. The Cascade 220 I knit it out of seems to be holding up quite well, as I knit this during the summer of 2008.

Here’s another sleepy dog. I bet he wishes he had a pinwheel blanket for a pillow. Someday, Boh. Someday.

I’m gearing up for a research road trip, so yesterday I began the process of cleaning out my car. I don’t think I’ve ever actually emptied my car of cds. (I normally stick to clearing out the back, not all of the little compartments.) Anyway, it was fun to see just how many mixes I’ve received from friends since I bought my car six years ago. I spent some time trying out and then labeling all of the unmarked cds, ditching and re-burning the scratched ones, and putting them into books and cases. (I’m super glad that I import mixes I get in the mail to my computer before playing them over and over and over again. That way I don’t worry about breaking the cd!) That is the fun part of research road trip prep.

Lots more to do this week before I hit the road: finalize what I want to look at, confirm travel/housing plans, buy more dog food, pack…and grade the term papers from the summer course! Happy weekend to you!


6 thoughts on “first tomato of the summer.

  1. Yum! The first homegrown tomato of the season is the best! Those pinwheel blankets are gorgeous — it’s great to hear that they see lots of use.

    I still like CDs, esp. mixes, for road trips, too. Fiddling with my iPod while driving is not my favorite… and Paul always nabs the power cord for his Jeep!

  2. This is all lovely! Yay for tomatoes and hand knits! I’ve been thinking about casting on for a Whisper … perhaps the time is now?

  3. YES! Hooray for first tomato. What variety is that? I’m on vacation and someone is watering our plants. When I get back I hope to have one too. Have fun on your research road trip.

  4. Oooh looks like a Cherokee Purple or Black Krim heirloom tomato! Love them. I have been known to take a bagel and toast it a bit, spread it with pesto , add a large slice of tomato and top it off with provolone before broiling it. The yummiest thing ever. Safe research travels.

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