spring blooms.

I snapped these photos with my phone on my walk from the coffee shop to my car last week — before the snow, sleet, and coldness that blew through here over the weekend. I do love spring. (Also, I love that purple paint job in the first picture!)

And here’s my sweet dog, keeping me company as I knit around and around on my lilac wine cowl. I could probably bind off anytime, but I sort of want to use up all the yarn. We’ll see…


5 thoughts on “spring blooms.

  1. Lovely flowers! Hope you and Boh are keeping cozy until spring makes another appearance.

  2. Pretty! I love the purple paint in the first photo, too, especially with the bright orange flower as contrast. Nice pic! You’d never guess snow and sleet were about to come through! Hope it’s gone soon.

  3. Waiting for spring flowers makes snowy winters a litle less unbearable. I lived for four years in a snow belt … started snowing the first week of October and snowed into May. I was happy to move back to California. :)

  4. Beautiful tulips! I used to walk from North Plain St all the way up East Seneca to Eddy Street when I worked at the Souvlaki House (late 70’s and early 80’s) and back again. I remember all the spring flowers in every yard I passed esp one house that had tons of hosta and lily of the valley.

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