porch dinner season.

These blossoms downtown can only mean one thing: porch dinner season has begun.

I asked D how he wanted to celebrate his birthday. The answer? Dumplings. So last night, he, T, and their charming child, W, came over with Coltrane to splash paws and hands in the lake, enjoy a beer on the dock, and eat dinner (and drink sake) on the porch.

A good time was had by all.

And after they headed home to put W to bed, I snapped this picture of the sunset. I know it is supposed to cool down a bit this week, but even so, I’m super thankful for this burst of sunshine and warmth. I think a lot of us needed it.

I finished the first sleeve of Kerrera, and I’m onto working the sleeve cap of the second. I shortened the sleeve length and ripped back a couple of rows of the double garter stitch cuff to get the right length.

And while I worked on that, Boh continued to refine his lounging skills. Nice work, sweet dog.


3 thoughts on “porch dinner season.

  1. Boh is a champion lounger! And I suspect that porch dinner season is pretty awesome … just like dumplings. Good luck with sleeve 2! (And the week ahead!)

  2. Right now our wonderful porch is covered in pollen. Might as well wait until it stops covering everything before we wash it all off. Then we’ll join you in a porch dinner!

  3. I think that Boh has perfected the art of lounging! That is one gorgeous sunset, and dumplings and dining on the porch sound delightful.

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