I meant to post these earlier in the week, when they were still an accurate representation of fall here at the lake house. It is colder now — we’ve had a first dusting of snow, all the plants are now on the porch to avoid frost, and I’m back to wearing my uggs as my around-the-house shoes. There’s a sweater on the chair next to my bed, so I can slip on a cozy, warm layer as soon as I’m out from under the covers. I even trapped a mouse (using a jar and my bench scraper) and let him go at the edge of the yard.

Oh, and I made this amazing cauliflower earlier in the week, maybe the same day I snapped all these pictures of the dock and the yard. I think you should drop everything and make some at your house. Seriously — a friend on Facebook said this recipe changed her decades-long dislike of cauliflower. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is. (And I didn’t even add the yogurt sauce or the pomegranate seeds.)

And then there’s this guy. Silly, silly dog. I think he’s pretty happy that I’ve declared November a research-trip-free month. I’m hoping to get into a rhythm, finally, of everything: writing, knitting, cooking, walking with Boh. I think we’re both creatures of habit, and I’m ready to settle into a balanced routine.

Happy weekend!


8 thoughts on “fall.

  1. Hello, fall! I have always wanted to experience a true upstate, New England autumn … and these photos are only confirming my suspicion that it would be awesome. Welcome home and good luck settling in with Boh.

  2. Such beautiful photos! No snow here yet, and the UGGS haven’t been unpacked, so you’re ahead of us this year.

    I need to get back to the East Coast in the autumn sometime soon! I had a terrific visit to New Haven one October.

  3. Brrr, the lake looks cold but pretty. Cauliflower looks yummy. I’m always up for new veggie recipes being a vegetarian. And Boh looks totally happy, tummy rubs are a good thing. Heard you’re getting snow, sorry, but it is perfect knitting weather.

  4. beautiful light! I’m quite envious of your low temperatures; here it feels more like spring than November… I’m a minimalist when it comes to cauliflower, just pour some browned butter with breadcrumbs over the steamed vegetables – yum!

  5. That looks and sounds glorious! And the cauliflower sounds SO delicious. I tagged that one when I first saw it on SK and think I need to actually make it now. Mmm…

    Hope you had a great weekend and a good start to the week!

  6. I roasted butternut squash (peeled & cubed) last night. I’m coming to the conclusion that any vegetable is better roasted. Haven’t tried cauliflower yet but this looks yummy.

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