beginning again.

Long-time readers will recognize this yarn as the Dream in Color Smooshy that I intended to turn into a Baby Surprise Jacket in February of 2009 for my advisor’s youngest son. I did a less than perfect job of lining up the increases, though, so when it was super close to being finished, I ripped it out, put the yarn on a shelf somewhere, and knit a Baby Sophisticate out of Mission Falls 1824. (It was adorable, and the right idea, as the baby in question was a big baby, and I’m not sure the BSJ would have fit him for very long.) Anyway, lots more babies are on the way in my circle of friends, so over the weekend I found the Dream in Color Smooshy, along with Elizabeth Zimmerman’s brilliant BSJ recipe, and cast on. Right now this fits into a sock project bag, so I’m bringing it with me on my research trip.

And this? Well, it isn’t quite a beginning, but I had to share this picture of an enormous plate of dumplings enjoyed by candlelight on the porch. My cousin and her husband were here for a few days last week. They are in the midst of an epic year of traveling, and in a few weeks, they’ll wrap up the North American segment of their adventures and head to the other side of the world. They’re going to spend three months in Southeast Asia, so we made dumplings. (I’m hoping they’ll visit my favorite dumpling shop in Vientiane, Lao PDR.) I’m so excited for them.

Speaking of traveling, time for me to stop blogging and get back to packing for this week’s research trip. More soon!


4 thoughts on “beginning again.

  1. I really love the green! The dumplings look fantastic.

    We are actually close to an hour outside of DC proper, so if you are short on time this perhaps may not be the trip where it is feasible to visit together. All that being said, you are MOST WELCOME if time permits even if it is last minute notice. We are coming home again for Thanksgiving so perhaps we can spend some time together then. I do miss you!

  2. Mmm…Dream in Color Smooshy. I love that color, too. That’ll be a great BSJ!

    So glad you’re getting to put your handknits (gorgeous socks!) to good use, too!

  3. I love dumplings. Thanks for the reminder that I need to find some quick. Happy travels and travel-knitting!!

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