the ninety-nine percent.

I know you don’t come here for the politics, but bear with me. I’m not in NYC, but today I participated in a virtual march together with #occupywallstreet and a whole host of organizations supporting the folks down at Liberty Square. For more, try here, here, and here.

My sign?

I am 29. Grad student. No debt, but minimal savings. My parents paid for college — I won’t be able to do the same for my children someday. I’m not sure that there will be a job for me when I earn my PhD. I know that in many ways, I am lucky. But I am the 99%.

That college education? The most important gift I imagine I will ever receive. It made it possible for me to make choices about my life that had nothing to do with paying back loans. The future? As an academic, very scary. We’re practically tripping over articles and books about the crisis of the American university. I am well aware that the world I am preparing for is changing rapidly. The increasing adjunctification and corporatization of the university have me seriously concerned about what lies ahead. Despite these worries, I know I’m lucky. I grew up comfortably, with access to good healthcare and educational opportunities. (I’m also an adopted kid. Lucky.)

In a system that does not prioritize the needs of the majority of its people, I am lucky. We have serious inequity and injustice. Here. At home. And I appreciate those standing up, in New York and across the country, to advocate for the 99%. #occupywallstreet.

Now, did you want to see another picture of that sock?

I spun this CMF superwash merino in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds a long time ago, and it has just been sitting, waiting, in my handspun stash. Last night, slowly recovering from the stomach bug, I wound it up and cast on another unfancy sock: 64 st, size 1 dpns. I’m hoping I’ll have enough yarn for a full pair! (My notes say I have 325 yards. I divided the yarn into 2 balls, roughly, and I’m weighing it as I go to get a sense for when I should turn the heel. The answer is soon.)

Today’s breakfast. A good sign. I am feeling much better!


5 thoughts on “the ninety-nine percent.

  1. I haven’t followed the ‘occupywallstreet’ closely, but I do know that I am part of the 99%. However I am on the other end. I have seen my retirement, 401k, IRA’s and such plummet. Perhaps it is time for a little revolution to paraphrase Sean Connery at the end of “Hunt for Red October”
    I love your yarn, the colors are spectacular. I’m definitely feeling some intense yarn jealousy.

  2. I hear you! Technically, I am part of the 99% as well, but here in Germany my generation hasn’t been hit that hard – yet. So yes, I am lucky and doubly so because I’m from a working-class background and nowadays we’re a nearly extinct breed in academia. Getting a job in academics here in Germany will be hard as well but if neccessary I can go looking in the Netherlands…
    Love the sock! Beautiful yarn!

  3. I love Lucy in the Sky socks! Also, I wish the world would share more. (And not just your yummy tomato toast.) Solidarity.

  4. Same boat here, 29 and still in school. Still not where I want or need to be career-wise. It’s nice to know that in my thinly-veiled panic I am not alone. Let’s hope that change can come soon enough.

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