when it rains, it pours.

Literally. And, apparently, inside.

Last night my yoga teacher mentioned that she had water in her basement. And then I thought to myself, hmmm, I wonder if my sweet old lake house is waterproof? When I got home last night, I did a carefully sweep of the basement and each room. Turns out, not quite. (By waterproof, I mean able to withstand the 5+ inches of rain we’ve had in the last 40 hours…)

I arranged some (colorful) buckets and mixing bowls under the leaks in the guest room (and a small drip in the office), and called my management company. They were here to take a look within ten minutes, and sent someone over to clean out the gutters and look at the roof first thing this morning. It sucks to have water damage, but it is nice to know that the folks that manage this rental are so responsive. Anyway, the guest futon mattress is waterlogged irreparably, so I’ve ordered a new one (guests can arrive in 5-10 business days), and properly disposing of the damaged mattress is on tomorrow’s list of adventures. (Hint: it involves a dumping permit and a visit to the county dump. So sad.) Unfortunately (fortunately?), futon mattresses are cheaper than my renters’ insurance deductible on overstock.com. So far, that’s the only casualty.

But that’s not what you came here for, is it?

I finished the decreases on my handspun seaman’s cap this morning, and I absolutely love the colors (even if they aren’t quite as vibrant as this photo suggests).

I’m not convinced that this style is the most flattering or practical for my head of curly hair, but I might keep it for myself anyway, if only for the beautiful greens, yellows, and browns in this yarn.

Okay, back to work. I’ve set up shop on the couch/coffee table so that I’m as far away from the fans/wet carpet smell as possible. And, of course, to be close to my silly, collar-adorned dog. (He hasn’t really left the couch this week — he seems to walk into all sorts of things with the cone on.)


6 thoughts on “when it rains, it pours.

  1. Oh no, you poor thing! Leaky roofs are no fun. I’m impressed with your management company, though. What service!

    This is a good reminder that I need to inventory/document my household items for my insurance.

  2. Don’t think we’ve had 5 inches of rain in the past year. Everything here is brown and crunchy. But I guess the upside is that there is no water in our basement.

    Love, love the color of your new hat. I vote you keep it.

  3. The hat worked out great. The leaks are something you could live without. Seems all of NY is waterlogged. Terrible stuff. Kisses to Boh-boy.

  4. Your hat is so pretty!! If you end up giving it away, my vote is via a blog giveaway…that way I have a chance at having it :D

    Also, good luck with your ceiling! Our house has a tendency to flood as well, so I feel your pain, but I’m glad your people are on the ball about it :)

  5. Oh, Rooster. I thought we had declared “ENOUGH” to your week of mishaps?? (Does Boh’s cone double as a water catcher?) xox

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