mail day.

You know what else (besides turning in exam #2) made Thursday a great day? It was a great mail day. Which reminds me of the excitement surrounding the mail — sent ahead, general delivery, to post offices in small towns we’d be riding through every ten days or so — on a cross-country bike trip I participated in nine (whoa!) years ago. The joke was that “mail” day was actually “male” day, a celebration of all things male. There was a long (tongue-in-cheek) list of the kinds of things that were acceptable on male days (I’m pretty sure trampolines were on the list). I hadn’t thought about that in years, but typing out “mail day” brought it back and made me laugh, almost a decade later.

Anyway, I had ordered — and then forgotten about — Heidi Swanson’s latest cookbook, Super Natural Every Day. I intend to cook out of this ALL SUMMER, and I have big dreams of modeling my lake house kitchen on much of what Heidi describes about her pantry, kitchen tools, and emphasis on a range of grains and better-for-me flours. I know I’m only moving across town, but I am trying to use up extras hiding in my kitchen cabinets before the end of May. This book is beautiful and incredibly practical. I want to eat everything in it.

This guy got his own “male” day of sorts yesterday. Instead of working last night, I cleaned out a kitchen cupboard, and found a bone I’d been saving (and then totally forgot about) for Boh. He watched it intently (pictured here), tossed it around a bit, and then ran away from it/came back to it several times before settling down to eat it. Male day, indeed.

I really need to get back into reading (and grading) mode this week in order to feel ready for my third exam, which starts a week from Monday. Here’s hoping for a productive day!


9 thoughts on “mail day.

  1. Way to go! How many more exams? Your blog is doing the most fun things on my iPad. And I’ve almost figured out how to navigate it–which means it will be a piece of cake for your non-grandmotherly friends.

  2. Boh is just so DARN cute!! I think it’s a great plan to “reinvent” your pantry/eating habits when you move. It makes a lot of sense to start fresh in a new place! Looking forward to hearing about it.

  3. I have my eye on that cookbook… Can’t wait to hear how the recipes turn out!

    Boh’s such a cutie. Just a short time longer until summer, the lake home, and no more exams! Hang in there.

  4. Ooooh. I’ve been eying that cookbook as well. Can’t wait to hear some recipe reviews! Congrats on exam #2. You are on a roll!

  5. Ha! Happy relaxing and cooking and all kinds of good things post-exam. Lake house kitchen preparation sounds good … ah, summer.

  6. You’ve made me all sorts of even MORE excited to see this cookbook now. I already have a couple of favorite from its predecessor. Hope you are thoroughly enjoying it. :)

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