comfort food.

Cheesy pasta, made with tomatoes I picked and canned last summer.

The trouble with grown-up floats? They don’t make me feel like working…

I’m trying to finish up exam number two. More soon!


6 thoughts on “comfort food.

  1. Creamy pastas are my ultimate comfort food. Yours looks delicious. Good luck on exam two.

  2. Is it bad that the only thing I want to eat right now is a grown-up float? Nothing else tastes like anything. I made curried couscous loaded with veggies and spices last night — and it tastes like cardboard. So I added a boatload of harissa. Still: cardboard, slightly redder. Stout, however, still tastes like stout. If it ain’t broke…
    I am going to have a talking-to with Boh next time I see him. Clearly, he is not contributing enough to this syllabus. Tsk, tsk…

  3. Almost there!!! Mmmm… cheesy pasta and good beer, two of my favorite things.

    I hope you get to do tons of lovely, relaxing things to celebrate when you’re done.

  4. Good luck with exam #2! I totally want a grown-up float but I’m pretty sure it would mess up my diet in several different ways…

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