no licking library books!

I snapped this sequence of photographs before lunch yesterday. Strangely, I take comfort in this behavior: it is how I know that Boh is my dog. He’s no longer interested in chewing on shoes; instead, he licks library books. I know, Boh. Some old books have a particularly intoxicating scent. I realize it probably isn’t the best idea to deeply inhale when I enter the library stacks, but I still do — that smell, that feeling — well, it’s part of why I’m an aspiring historian. Can I really blame Boh for wanting to lick a library book or two? “No licking library books!” Not exactly the kind of statement one ever expects to need to say out loud. I laugh every time.

Thanks for your kind words about my last post. Thursday’s tears had to do with general exhaustion as well as a particular task related to this first exam: writing the question. I regrouped and re-thought (and slept a full-night’s sleep — with the windows open), and we had another meeting on Friday.

This week is going to be intense, but I have a better sense of what I am going to do. This weekend I’m going to work through a handful of books, and then I’m taking Monday OFF. I might go to bed at 8…

Happy weekend!


8 thoughts on “no licking library books!

  1. Isn’t it weird the stuff that somehow becomes normal to say out loud? But Boh is right, a good book is hard to beat. You can do this! Don’t forget: you’re ready.

  2. “No licking library books”: If I had had a dime for every time I heard that. Buh du bum.

    Glad to see you’re feeling a little bit better. I hope this weekend is as restful as possible, and I’ll be cheering you on from PA on Tuesday. Go you!

  3. I love the smell of books (though I usually stop short of licking)! I feel much less weird for burying my face in them now, thanks! Persevere, sweet Rooster! We’re on your side and know you’ll get through it all well.

  4. Oh, I totally agree with you (and Boh!) about the smell of library books…though I do still partially blame the dust from a big stack on the Olmec heads I was BFF with the spring quarter of my senior year for pushing my tonsils over the edge (they had to be removed a few months later…*shudder*). It sounds like you have a great plan for both work and rest and I’ll say again — you can do it!!!

  5. Too cute. During our exams, our cat started licking books and any paper printed out for editing, but hasn’t done it since. Maybe they figure that if we’re so interested in it, it must taste pretty good. Why else spend so much time on it? :D

  6. As usual I am completely in love with that face! I couldn’t handle it. :)
    I am glad you are doing better. Tears help sometimes. Enjoy your Monday, much deserved.

  7. My dog makes that EXACT FACE!! It says to me, “I am sorry. I am a dog. I HAVE to do it.” I get the face when she has just eaten an entire pan of peanut butter fudge, or dragged the chineese food out of the fridge. Yes, my dog opens the fridge with her pointy little terrier nose. We are the only childless people I know who have a child-safety lock on their refridgerator….

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