FO: elsa wool pebble.

I am so pleased with how this turned out. After a few false starts — once because I wasn’t happy with the stitch count (it looked too big) and once because I twisted my knitting when I joined it in the round (what? I haven’t done that in years!) — I got into a rhythm and just knit-knit-knit to get this done in time for Sunday’s shower. I made some modifications based on other projects on ravelry: used worsted-weight yarn and size 7 needles, CO 70 st, made the garter stitch sides 5 st, and knit in the round with buttons only at the shoulder, rather than all the way up the side. I used more of the elsa wool cormo from my idlewood (maybe just over half a skein?), and oh my goodness, do I ever love this yarn. Squishy, woolly, and absolutely gorgeous.

Pebble might be the perfect gender-neutral baby gift. (I’m all about not adhering to gender-specific colors, but I can’t help myself when it comes to patterns for baby knits. I’m waiting for baby M. to arrive, and then I absolutely must cast on for either a frilly girl cardigan or an “old man” style cardigan.)

Snowy and lovely outside. Off to campus!



11 thoughts on “FO: elsa wool pebble.

  1. Very cute and cozy! Did you skip the buttons on the side? I STILL need to sew buttons on the one I knit, and I’m thinking skipping them is the way to go.

    While I’m not too nutty about sex-specific colors and styles, you never know what the parents will think. I like to play it safe with shades of green, navy, and red if they’re waiting to find out!

  2. Awesome baby knit! I’ve had that queued for quite a while.

    Oh and Happy Birthday! Hope that it’s a wonderful day for you.

  3. Oh my gosh, that is so cute!! The green buttons are great against the neutral yarn and it looks so warm and squishy (just like babies are!). I was just going to say that I totally agree about non-gender-specific colors for babies, but then I realized that almost everything I’ve made for my own baby is quite “boy” – either blue or green (though they can both go either way, I think, and they’re really just what I had in stash). I am, however, delighting in the idea of dressing him up like a little old man.

  4. Wow, that pattern is at the top of my list; my other projects are boring/irritating me and this is the one I’m planning to cast on tonight as soon as I decide on the yarn. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Charming! It looks strikingly similar to the vest I’m knitting for Baby M (Milo baby vest by Georgie Hallam). S/he will have a whole series of fabulously neutral vests! (Also: I half expected you and M. to be birthday buddies. Seriously.)

  6. Love it.

    Think about the Baby Sophisticate!

    I did it in Casecade 220 in a light pink and the baby wore it when she was pretty little (way too big – more of a coat) and is still wearing it months later as just a normal sweater!

    I loved how it was feminine without being too over the top. So she was able to wear it with anything – it could be the focus or it would let the outfit shine.

    Definitely a new go to sweater!

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