accidental cowl.

While I was looking for yarn to give to my 8-year-old knitting friend, I came across a ball of Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton — originally intended to be turned into something for my mom a few years ago. Whatever it was — mittens, maybe?– I ripped it out, rewound the stuff into a ball, and tucked it away somewhere.

Anyway, on Sunday I’d come across yet another cute cowl made from this simple pattern by sketchbook, the person behind orange flower yarns, on ravelry. On a whim (and needing an easy knit to take with me to the birthday party), I cast on this cowl for my mom. (She has a wool sensitivity, so everything I make for her is cotton, silk, or bamboo.) Once I started, I really couldn’t stop. You know how it goes sometimes — you can see the progress you’re making, you wonder how much you’ll be able to knit before the ball runs out — and you just keep going.

My mom actually requested an infinity scarf a few weeks ago. It won’t be done for Christmas, but I’ll wrap up the yarn, which she picked out (and which just arrived) — a gorgeous skein of worsted 100% silk from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in the Blackbird colorway (thanks to Mick for sharing info about this stuff on her blog several months back). Now she’ll have something small to open that she can actually wear!

It’s funny how once I said out loud that I’m really not knitting any gifts this year, a hat and then a cowl practically flew off my needles. Must be something about not feeling the pressure to knit for other people. I’m going to have to remember this!

I’ll leave you with a sweet shot of Boh:

We woke up yesterday to falling snow. He seemed reluctant to get up for the day, and I don’t blame him. Today I might have turned off the alarm and cuddled with him for an extra half hour.

Today I’m running lots of last minute errands before heading to my parents’ house tomorrow. Not sure what my blogging frequency will be like once I’m there, so just in case: Merry Christmas! Boh and I hope your holidays are filled with (woolly) warmth.


10 thoughts on “accidental cowl.

  1. That is such a beautiful color! I bet your Mom will love it. And I’m doing the same thing with gift knits: I quickly whipped up a hat for my nephew and my Mom, and now I’m working on one for my uncle, just so he has something knitted to open on Christmas morning. Safe travels and Merry Christmas, Rooster!

  2. Lovely cowl! The color is great and I’m sure she’ll love it. My Mom has always made me knit her things only in non-wool also, but I’ve been slowly inserting superwash wool things in there and she’s totally fine because they’re not scratchy. I grew tired of being limited to cotton!

    Enjoy your time with your family and happy holidays!

  3. Lovely! I like the idea of “accidentally” knitting a cowl … or anything, really. Accidental handknit gifts are always a pleasure. It’s a lovely color! Merry Christmas to you, too!

  4. I think you’re onto something…I know that when I feel like I *have* to do something (like Christmas knit), I never want to do it. So nicely done! That cowl is gorgeous…just look at the color, wow.

  5. Wouldn’t it be great if writing worked the same way? “I’m not going to write anything this month.” And then a whole dissertation chapter flies off the printer! Lovely, lovely. The cowl, I mean. (Well, the fantasy, too…)
    Safe travels home, Rooster! (And thanks again for swinging by my roost to rescue me from library fines!)

  6. Thanks for the link; the cowl is lovely! I’m looking forward to knitting without deadline pressure and this will be on my list. Happy Christmas to you and your family, which of course, includes Boh!!

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