“one day i’ll be a better writer…”*

We saw Sharon Van Etten and the Bowerbirds at a neat bar near the water this week. Sharon Van Etten (pictured in the crappy photo from my phone, above) is worth checking out, if you’ve never encountered her music. What you see is what you get up there — a girl and a guitar — but man, can she write a song. And her voice — soft, clear, haunting. Check out a video of her at SXSW here.

I also recommend the Bowerbirds. Who doesn’t love a band with an accordion, a snare drum, and a homemade xylophone? Check out their tiny desk concert at NPR here.

So, some fun stuff (read: late nights) this week, but also lots of work. Which made for a very tired rooster. Thursday night I made a big pot of cauliflower soup, and while it was simmering, I slathered peach butter made by my friend K. on slices of beer bread. Yum.

And today, when I got home from campus, I curled up on the couch, watched Bones, and made progress on windschief hat numero dos, out of malabrigo in verdeazul, for B. Malabrigo is the perfect yarn to knit with on a cold and rainy day. Planning an evening of soup, knitting, and maybe a movie. I’ll get back to the pile of books tomorrow. Happy weekend, folks, and thanks for all of the sweet blogiversary wishes.

*This is a line is from “Much More Than That” by Sharon Van Etten.


5 thoughts on ““one day i’ll be a better writer…”*

  1. Sounds like great fun, both the show and your afternoon! I need to get caught up with Bones.

    Are you heading to Rhinebeck? I dream of going someday, when my schedule and my budget allow it; in the meantime I love seeing everyone’s blog posts about it.

  2. Sounds like a nice day! Your hat production makes me want a new hat, too! Good we dropped down to under 10° Celsius here which means I could wear a hat…
    Also, a very late Happy Anniversary! I love your blog and you constantly inspire my spinning and lately my PhD working morale – constantly reading about you finishing another book while I still tortured myself with the same one made me implement a rigorous study-plan. Thanks!
    Have a good weekend :-)

  3. That sounds like a perfect afternoon. And peach butter? I’m going to check that out.

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