warm, comfy, cozy.

Fall is here, and handknit-appropriate weather has come with it. No new knitting progress to share, so instead of inserting photos of books to read, I managed to snap a few pictures of some knits-in-action. Well, and Boh, being cozy on the couch.

This rooster is counting down to Friday. More soon!


11 thoughts on “warm, comfy, cozy.

  1. I can’t get enough of Boh! Love your dog. :)
    Knits in action are the best sort.
    Almost Friday. Very excited about that here too – we’re going in to a long Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada!

  2. I want fall, too! :( Germany has reverted back to summer temperatures… No handknits for me… Thursday’s done here, only Friday to go now! Have a good weekend! (Boh’s so cute!)

  3. Hurray for handknits in action! We’ve had some cool days, but I haven’t been able to break out the handknits yet.

    Lucky Boh!

  4. Hurrah for fall and for handknits. Love the pink mara especially – so cosy! Enjoying catching up on your blog after a couple of months mostly offline…happy fall!

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