tomatillo, -illo, illo.

Pronounced incorrectly, the word “tomatillo” calls to mind a certain pop song (circa 2007). Not exactly my preferred genre, but the suggestion of said song does make me smile, if only because the memory a particularly enthusiastic ’round the campfire acoustic version takes over in my brain and makes me think of my time in the Southwest. What else makes me think of the Southwest? Tomatillos. (-illos, -illos…)

And now I have to tell you about a new blog that I’ve read cover to cover since I came across it on Friday morning: local kitchen. Kaela makes everything from salsa and mustard to jams and booze-y preserves, and it is all beautifully photographed and thoughtfully described. Swoon. My adventures in blog-reading on Friday evening may have prompted me to print out a slew of ideas for my kitchen binder. And then I had to retire my kitchen binder and transfer everything to a bigger 3-ring set up. That’s how great Kaela’s blog is. Local Kitchen was a timely find — here I was, with a kitchen counter COVERED in farm produce, and without a good idea for what all of that deliciousness was going to become.

First up, Kaela’s Salsa Verde. Tomatillos, green peppers, hot peppers, onion, garlic, cilantro…yum. I might make another batch this week.

Next? Cherry Tomato Confit, also from Local Kitchen. The boy and I went to the farm on Saturday to pick more produce before the season’s first frost, and several of the cherry tomatoes were literally splitting as we picked them — bursting with juice and flavor. I took a pint of these and slow-roasted them in the oven, turning them into Cherry Tomato Confit, and now there is a tiny 4 oz. jar in the fridge filled with the powerful flavors of sweet tomatoes, basil, parsley, thyme, garlic, and olive oil. On pasta? On pizza? Straight out of the jar?

I also harvested several big handfuls of mint to hang to dry in the kitchen (also something I learned from Local Kitchen). I love these pictures so much. Something about the vibrant greens.

And that isn’t even the whole of my Local Kitchen-inspired weekend adventures. Yesterday I may have been saying aloud (to anyone who would listen), “I don’t want to be a grad student right now. I just want to play in the kitchen.” Sigh.

And I do actually very much want to be a grad student. I’d just really like to press pause on life for a week in order to focus on preparing my kitchen for winter.

More produce, and even some spinning next time!


6 thoughts on “tomatillo, -illo, illo.

  1. Mmm, now you’re making me hungry (and I’m only just having my coffee!)

    Strangely, I was thinking about tomatillo salsa this morning, for some unknown reason.

  2. I feel that way about grad school sometimes, too. I was bellyaching to my mom and J last weekend that I don’t want to teach (though I very much do), but instead want to knit/spin/sew all day long, then take beautiful photos of what I produce. Le sigh.

  3. Grad school is a LOT of work. Still, I enjoyed it and was glad I stuck it out (it took me 6 years to get my postgrad degree, because I was going part-time at night after my day job).

    You should be on the Food Network! your kitchen is so cheerful and full of great food!

    Mick, I agree… it would be wonderful ” to knit/spin/sew all day long, then take beautiful photos”… Sounds like heaven to me!!

  4. YUM!! I agree with Bernadette — you *should* be on the food network. I’d watch! Thanks so much for the Local Kitchen recommendation…looks like some amazing stuff over there, mmmm….

  5. So I guess you know what I’ve been humming all day. And, please, if you find the pause button, let me know. Sigh. I’ve got one seriously lonely cat and one desperately empty refrigerator.

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