Well, I certainly don’t feel like I’m settling into a routine, but it seems like the photos I pulled off my phone and camera this week suggest otherwise. I picked up my textured shawl again, and it is really moving. I’m still unsure about this — hoping it blocks bigger and drapes better — but I love the depth in the greens and blues. A little more reading, another row or two, and then it will most certainly be bedtime for this rooster.


6 thoughts on “routine?

  1. Your shawl looks so lovely already! That Boh leg hooked around your arm cracked me up. My lab used to always do that, too, when we sat on the couch together. Good luck with your studies!

  2. The shawl looks great! Routine: I’m afraid I’m settling into a rountine of a totally different kind – that of not getting anything done and constantly being tired :-( Ah, well – tomorrow’s another day :-)! Have a good time reading and knitting!

  3. You’ll be glad you finished the shawl when the weather really turns. Don’t worry about the routine. Once you get into one, it might feel like a rut!

  4. Routine….not sure I remember what that is. I have a new boss. She weighs 5 lbs and is mostly bald. Helping out with new granddaughter, Lila Kate!

  5. I see a routine: reading, writing, reading, writing some more and …… knitting! I think spinning is missing in there. :-)

  6. Funny thing about routines, they just sneak up on you. One week it’s just a kinda off week, next week: it’s your routine. I’m glad to see that knitting snuck in there somewhere! The shawl is such a gorgeous color!

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