t-10 rows.

I am so close to finishing this. Which is excellent, because I very much want to block it and send it to live in LA. I’m neglecting my reading, and I even allowed myself to watch the entire final disc of Mad Men Season 3 on Saturday. (Okay, and I’m currently downloading the first few episodes of Season 4 to keep me company as I knit around and around.) I have a few rows of stockinette and one more increase section before I bind off. And then I’ll be able to keep reading…and perhaps cast on a few of the projects I’ve been daydreaming about lately!

Boh has been keeping an eye on this project. Too bad it isn’t for him…


7 thoughts on “t-10 rows.

  1. So beautiful! I have been toying with choosing something similar for my next shawl project. Perhaps Queen Anne’s Lace my MMario? How did you start it, with doublepoints??

  2. Way to go! Your reading will understand if you have to take a little time off to finish a most important project. It looks very cozy … maybe Boh wants one of his own? (Have I already asked that? My head. Officially not screwed on this Monday.)

  3. Hooray, it’s looking awesome!! I’d totally be up for another KAL in the autumn. I get back from France on Sept. 10, so sometime after that would be great. Anything you’re in the mood for? I chose Hemlock Ring!

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