On Friday afternoon, I got a call from N., who happens to be one of my favorite people. (Boh likes him a whole bunch too.) N. is a friend from my life in the southwest who made a move eastward last year. He didn’t move here (that would be too good to be true) but he grew up in the next town over, so I get to see him whenever he is visiting his parents. Anyway, Friday was a long day. It was the last day before the boy returned, and I had purposefully planned some meetings and things to do in order to make the day seem, well, less long. And I finished those. And it was only mid-afternoon. And then N. called to tell me that we were going on a walk. Just what I needed.

We snacked on zucchini bread, Boh gnawed on a stick, and the sunshine and weekend-announcing breeze were enjoyed by all.

And then I made a huge pot of green beans for dinner. And waited. And he’s home now, though he probably wouldn’t call here “home,” exactly. And I am happy.

More knitting soon.


7 thoughts on “greenery.

  1. Looks like you all had a great time in the woods! Boh always looks so happy, glad your “boy” came back!

  2. Yippee! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a day waiting. And if you could send some breeze our way, that would be super fabulous. Enjoy the boy!

  3. Welcome back, boy! That’s awesome that your friend called you for the walk at *just* the right time. Friends can be so awesome that way.

  4. Looks like a wonderful day! There’s something amazing about having a shared history with old friends, isn’t there?

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