agree (1).

I wore this today, under lots of other layers, because today was the day we discussed my paper at the department colloquium. I was hoping that those in attendance would agree, at least a little bit, with the argument I make in the paper. I don’t remember much that was said, but I think it went well. (And when I am ready to return to this project, I now have a big pile o’ notes and comments to paw through.)

Time to decompress with some knitting!


8 thoughts on “agree (1).

  1. Love (3)
    I am here to testify, o fellow Team Rooster members, that our friend did beautifully. Even with the questions — such as mine — that were out in left field. Or Left Wilderness?

  2. Love (4)
    I picked up on a theme. Yay for you!! I’m sure it went really well!

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