academic blocking.

Today is the day: I’m wearing my GYC out the door, and I’m thrilled about it. Which got me to thinking: wouldn’t it be great if blocking worked for papers, and not just for sweaters? I’m giving a paper in a few weeks that just isn’t quite ready. In a lot of ways, I’m happy with it, but it still needs to be tugged and stretched. The stitch definition could be more even, the hem straighter, the lines cleaner. I’d really like to be able to dunk this particular project into a warm bath with some soak, and then reshape it on my kitchen table in order to get the results I want.

Alas, I’m stuck with revisions, more reading, talking to myself in the shower, and occasional full-on questioning of what it is that I am arguing. This is yet another area where I think knitting has the right idea: a lot can be solved with a warm bath.


8 thoughts on “academic blocking.

  1. It looks FANTABULOUS! Good for you! And I feel you on the paper revision. Something that has always worked for me is working on the paper until just a few minutes before you are going to miss the deadline. No time for second-guessing. :-)

  2. Your analogy is spot on! I also totally relate to the talking to yourself in the shower part. On the rare occassion I’m actually home alone I jump at the chance to talk out loud to myself – it really helps to sort things out in my head. Good luck with your paper!

  3. I’m really happy to hear that I’m not the only one who talks to herself in the shower. It truly does help, and I feel like there is a certain sense of clarity in the shower that is not present elsewhere.

    Best of luck with your paper!

  4. Behold the power of blocking! The cardigan looks fabulous.

    I must admit I usually just zone out and listen to NPR in the shower, thinking mainly about getting some coffee. ;-)

    Good luck with the paper.

  5. Awesome. GREAT job blocking the sweater — you got a perfect fit!

    I just love the comparison academic “blocking”. If only I could apply the same blocking techniques at work, too!

  6. Can I agree about 1000% I’ve got a couple of issues I’d like to soak and stretch away …

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