world spins madly on.*

I got up this morning, and pulled the covers up to half-heartedly make the bed. Usually, this is Boh’s cue to do some kind of dog stretch and get out of bed.

Today, he didn’t move. In fact, I put the kettle on, ground the coffee, and served up his breakfast, and he stayed in bed. It wasn’t until I grabbed the leash and opened the door that he reluctantly decided to get out from under the covers.

I feel your pain, Boh. I’m tired too.

Despite my sleepiness this morning, I do have some knitting progress to share. I woke up early yesterday to give myself a bit more knitting time, as I’ve been feeling a bit overextended this semester.

My Kerrera is starting to look like a cardigan! I’m into a very soothing stretch of stockinette, and I absolutely love how this Ultra Alpaca feels in my hands. Even though I should keep reading the book I have to teach this week, I’m going to try to squeeze in a few rows this morning before getting to work.

Time for coffee, but before I pour my first mug, I wanted to mention The Weepies. Their first two albums, Happiness (2003) and  Say I Am You (2006) — which I have only just learned are actually two shorter albums, rather than one full length album — are some of my favorite early in the morning or late at night things to listen to. (*This is the name of a track on Say I Am You. I’m listening to it right now.)


8 thoughts on “world spins madly on.*

  1. Boh has magical eyebrows…so expressive!
    The Weepies are one of my faves…so beautiful…thanks for that reminder! I’ll have to listen to them today.

  2. That’s pretty much how I felt this morning. Can’t wait for the weekend!

    The cardigan’s looking great — that double-garter ribbing or whatever it’s called is really neat.

  3. Ah yes…I do the same most mornings (much to my carpool partner’s chagrin).

    Your Kerrera looks awesome (I am loving that grey) and so does your re-blocked Garter Yoke!!

  4. The Weepies are awesome! Thanks for putting me on to them! Your Kerrera is looking great. Good luck with your school workload.

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