KAL cast on.

Mick, Laura, and I had so much fun KALing with our garter yoke cardigans that we decided to do it again. We agreed on a start date of February 1, and I’m not gonna lie: the knowledge that at some point tonight I’d get to sit down with my needles and some luxurious Berroco Ultra Alpaca to cast on for Kerrera helped get me through a very long Monday.

After looking at other projects on ravelry and reviewing the pattern, I decided to cast on for the smallest size. I have a rather boyish shape — no hips, no waist — and the pattern seems to be written for women far curvier than this rooster. My plan is to work the hips for the smallest size, and then only decrease down to the body/bust stitch count for the 36.5″ size so that I’ll get a cardigan that skims my shape, rather than someone else’s. Good plan? Boh doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion on the matter at this point.

Something else that helped with a long Monday? This recipe for cheesy pasta. Simple, delicious, and sometimes exactly what I need.

I’m exhausted from a super busy day, but I think I’m going to make one last cup of tea and knit a few more rows before heading to bed.

Happy February, folks.


6 thoughts on “KAL cast on.

  1. Oh–I want to make that sweater. I’ll live vicariously through you because there are some other things both on the needles and in the queue ahead of it. Like the tea leaves cardigan. Mmmmmm.

  2. I love that sweater, too! My queue is getting out of control…. MUST NOT START ANOTHER SWEATER…. I am sure that you will do a fantastic job! What color is your yarn? It is a little hard to tell from the size of the sample….

  3. Mmmm… that pasta looks delicious. And Kerrerra is such a great pattern. I wholeheartedly agree with making it work for your shape!

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