tea and seed stitch.

This year, instead of way too many truffles and Guylian hazelnut shell chocolates, I asked Santa to fill my stocking with something that would last longer: a collection of loose leaf teas. I am having so much fun trying different varieties. This mug is filled with a lemongrass blend of organic herbal tea from China that also includes clove, roses, and schizandra berries: perfect for appreciating the snowfall and below-zero windchill from inside my apartment.

I’ve been welcoming the new year with some soothing seed stitch — a perfect pairing for this tea. I’m knitting a sample, and since I don’t get to keep the finished object, I was given the yarn: luxurious Schaefer Laurel in the Elizabeth Blackwell colorway. Usually I’d say that knitting with cotton is not my favorite thing to do, but this stuff is heavenly. Here’s a seed stitch close up:

Boh thinks it is pretty cool, too.

Or he just likes that I sit next to him on the couch while I work on it, doing my part to keep us both warm.

Actually, I’m just using Boh to transition to this super cool pair of yoga socks that my friend H. (who introduced me to yoga here) knit for me! She knit them (beautifully, I might add) out of Noro, and I absolutely love the color transitions. Also, they fit perfectly! Gifts between knitters are extra special.

Hope you’re staying warm on this blustery Sunday morning!


8 thoughts on “tea and seed stitch.

  1. Woh. That is very complicated looking tea. I’m just a hardcore straight-up black tea fanatic myself. I admire your sense of adventure, though. I LOVE those yoga socks! I should make some of those for myself and my friend who teaches my yoga class. Our room is always freezing!

  2. Ooo..love the yoga socks idea! Do you know where the pattern came from, or did your friend make it up? I haven’t had much luck with yoga myself (everyone says it’s because i haven’t found the right instructor but i dunno). However I have yoga-enthused friends :)

  3. Tea makes a perfect stocking stuffer! Yours sounds very cool — I’m about to google schizandra berries as I have no idea what they are. Hurray for cozy, luxurious yoga socks!

    The cotton is knitting up beautifully; I’ll have to keep Schaefer Laurel in mind, as good cotton yarn is hard to find.

  4. Wow, both the tea and the seed stitch look like the makings of such a cozy afternoon. And how cool are those yoga socks?!

  5. My son looked at your post and said “Do all knitters drink tea?” I love tea too. Teavana makes one called Lavender Dreams with white tea that I love. Knitting, tea, a cozy dog, a perfect day.

  6. That sounds like a lovely day. I love tea as well, and really should start drinking more of it. When I was a barista I was drinking it all the time; free tea will do that :)

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