dashing through the snow.

We only have a few inches here, but since I’m trying to get into the holiday spirit and Boh and I are hopping in the car this afternoon to head to my parents’ house, I’m going with “dashing through the snow” today.

I’m also dashing through my knitting, or trying to. Here’s mom’s Multnomah shawl. I’m three repeats (of 11) through the lace section, and I can get through a repeat in about half an hour. I’m planning to crank through as many repeats as I can tonight, early tomorrow morning, and tomorrow night (as I’ll be AT my parents’ house) — okay, maybe the next morning too — and then try to surreptitiously block and wrap this. I’m still packing/planning, but I think I’m going to tuck my blocking mats into a tote bag and try to do this right. We’ll see…

Also, my brother isn’t coming home for Christmas this year — he has to work the day before and the day after, so it just didn’t make sense. I mailed him a little something this week, but I am behind on his knitted gift. With the academic calendar as crazy as it is in December, I really need every last minute between the end of the semester and Christmas Day to get everything done! (And this year, I totally prioritized new baby knitting, but I’m not sorry about that! I’ve been excited about his arrival for months!)

Anyway, in keeping with my plan to knit everyone (well, everyone who likes wool — see Multnomah shawl above) something out of handspun, I’m making my brother some mittens out of oatmeal bfl (the lighter stuff) and dark grey local jacob. I’m going to use the Alex’s Mittens pattern by Rebekkah Kerner (whose handspun is awesome, by the way). The pattern has a nice, full hand, which I really like.

What else am I bringing home? I’m going to cast on the Lacy Baktus, finally, out of my AVFKW A King’s Ransom handspun, and I’m also bringing my GYC cardigan so that I can finally sit down and sew on the buttons. And that’s it! I always bring way more knitting than I can ever complete whenever I go home, and while options are nice, I’m working on developing more reasonable expectations so that I’m not just lugging a lot of things back and forth unnecessarily.

This is a little something I got myself for Christmas — 2 bumps of FLUFF bfl in Turkey Two-Step. I decided that I am not bringing my wheel with me this week, which means it has never left my house, despite the fact that it folds and has a carry bag. I am, however, planning to spend a week at my parents’ house in January, and I think I might bring it then. This fiber will have to wait until next week!

Also, yesterday I made peanut brittle, from Deb’s recipe. (Of course.) I made two batches, and I must not have cooked the first batch on high enough heat, because it did not solidify, and I ended up having to toss it. It stayed chewy, like caramel, which would have been fine, except that it was impossible for me to get the wax paper (even though I greased it) off of this batch. Boo. Glad I made a second batch, though because this brittle is fantastic — crunchy without being too hard to bite into, sweet and salty, yum. I think this is the perfect treat to counter all the Christmas cookies I’ll be baking with my mom tonight!


8 thoughts on “dashing through the snow.

  1. Wow! How lucky are they to be related to you! You’re making me feel like a slouch. I should whip up some more handknits before Friday! I need a good Boh-snoozing-on-the-couch photo to zap this annoying motivation. Hope you have a great holiday with your family!

  2. Knit like the wind! Multnomah’s looking beautiful — best of luck finishing it up.

    Those mittens are going to be fabulous. Have a great time at home.

  3. Safe travels, dear friend! As luck would have it, my knitting is the ONLY thing that made it to VA with me. Well, that, my computer, and one clean pair of undies. Merry Christmas!

  4. It sounds like you’re definitely in the spirit! Have a wonderful time, eat loads of peanut brittle, and knit until you ache.

  5. Hey, I am a big proponent of steam blocking! I just gave away a pair of Bird in Hand mittens that I steam blocked mere hours before giving…. I think it works really well in a pinch.
    Have fun at home! Kiss Boh for me…. (If that isn’t weird. I got headbutted trying to give my doggie a nuzzle on top of the head today, so maybe just a metaphorical kiss!)

  6. Merry Christmas and safe travels home! Have a wonderfully relaxing time. Knit like the wind indeed. The shawl is beautiful! Gorgeous fiber too.

  7. I’m so jealous of the snow! It’s so hot in Oz! On Xmas Eve, night shift will be having a Barbie outside at 2am to cool down . . . Sigh! The peanut brittle looks divine. I hope you and Boh have a lovely visit and a smashing Xmas.

  8. The Multnomah looks lovely! (We drove by Multnomah Falls … it was all frozen up … your version is much cheerier.) Those mittens will be awesome. Happy travels!

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