sleeve one.

Sleeve one is complete, and I’m really happy with the bracelet/longish three quarter length.

I’m also thrilled with the decision to go down a needle size for the sleeves. I’m realizing that I need to start thinking about buttons! Maybe once I finish the paper I’m writing (due this week).


Boh says hi. Time to pour the coffee and get back to work.


12 thoughts on “sleeve one.

  1. You will be done lickety-split! No more sweater knitting for me until after Christmas…. Christmas knitting is rolling right along, though, so in January I should be able to get a couple done for me! :-)

  2. Btw, your second picture reminds me very much of an Alfred Steigletz pic of Georgia O’Keefe’s hands…. You should see if you can find it, it is very beautiful!

  3. This is turning into a very elegant sweater! I love the sleeve detail. And is that a turned hem? The yoke speaks for itself. Pretty freakin awesome so far.

  4. Gorgeous!! I’m sure you’re going to wear this one a lot. I fully expected the 2nd Boh photo to show how he rolled backwards off the couch!:)

  5. Very pulled together! Good luck with the paper writing (you can do it!!). It’s good to have that kind of cuteness around to distract and inspire.

  6. Absolutely love the yarn combo in this; the handspun is just beautiful here, perfect use for it! I’m feeling the need for a garter yoke cardigan in my life very soon :)

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