plain and simple 15in

Inches, that is. (Actually, more like a smidge under fifteen when laid perfectly flat, but hey, I’ll take it.) The pattern says to knit 16.5 inches for my size, but as I am a little anxious about running out of yarn (and short-waisted, and generally seem to knit my sweaters a tad too long), I’m going to knit to 15.5, the length for the smallest size, and call it good.

Last night, friends hosted a Radio Party potluck, which meant we all brought food, drank wine, and listened to This American Life at the appropriate time. I got in about an hour and a half of solid knitting on my plain and simple pullover, and I’m going to try to finish the body before getting back to my pile of grading this morning.

plain and simple 15 boh

Also, for documentation purposes, I snapped a picture of my hair last night.

long hair.

I’m aiming for low, braided pigtails. Not quite long enough yet, but getting there…


9 thoughts on “fifteen.

  1. I like that Boh is there, keeping you honest: “No, seriously, it’s not 15″ yet. Cheating will not happen on my watch.” Good luck with the pigtail braids … and with the grading!

  2. I wear pigtail braids on weekends sometimes – they’re a happy thing! You’re almost there. Boh has migrated from sock knitting concern to sweater concern, I see. He’s so sweet. We’re thinking about a new dog for our family and I realized yesterday what I really want is a Boh!

  3. I was just going to write the same thing brokeknits did! Good thing Boh is always there to supervise. :)

    It looks like you’re pretty close to braided pigtail length. I am so jealous of your pretty curls!!!

  4. Your hair is so pretty, almost ready to hit braiding length.
    Boh looks like he takes his supervisory role very seriously. :)

  5. WOW! I go away for three days and LOOK at all the knitting you got done…. What day is it? Is it still October??

  6. I want to come to your radio-party-potluck, what an awesome idea!!!

    (and Boh does look a little worried about the length!!)

  7. love your curls! and was very excited to read about your lecture… I only wish i had been a fly on the wall =).

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