oct six mile1

oct six mile2

I stand in pretty much the same place to take my pictures of the reservoir near my house, so you can really see how much the leaves have changed over the last few weeks. Yesterday was the perfect day for a walk through the falling leaves.

bread inside

bread marmalade

We baked a loaf of no-knead bread, and enjoyed it with delicious marmalade brought home from a friend’s summer in France (thanks, K!) as our dessert last night.


Also, I thought you all might enjoy a picture of Boh’s “Um, can you wake up now?” technique. He has certainly made a new friend this weekend!

More knitting soon, I promise.


7 thoughts on “foliage.

  1. So beautiful! Mmm… homemade bread. I’ve been on a bread kick this fall, since it goes well with soup and chili.

  2. Boh’s wake-up technique is more polite than Maggie’s get-up-and-do-what-I-want technique! I kid you not, I saw the dog put her rump under the foot of the recliner the other day and about flip the chair over with my mom in it when we tried to ignore her imperious demands for a few minutes!!

    Lovely fall you seem to be having there… Ours has hardly started!

  3. I hope Boh didn’t play mind games with your houseguest over who gets the couch or the toys like he did on the doggie playdate! That bread and marmalade looks yummy.

  4. Oooh pretty! The leaves are just starting to turn here … I’ll have to seek out some nature for a better look soon. I woke up to a certain kitty sniffing my face — apparently it was time for breakfast. Perhaps no-knead bread should be next on my list, now that I’ve conquered beer bread?

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