FO: seaman’s cap.

fo seaman cap 1

This pattern was made for handspun. And for boys. This is a simple hat with a serious fold-over brim. What do you think about this particular hat for a (grown-up) boy? Are the reds too rosy and not enough burgundy? It was rainy and overcast yesterday, so these pictures were taken in less than ideal circumstances. Here’s a true-to-color picture (which also illuminates the challenges of taking a picture of the hat on your own head):

seaman dark fo 2

I made the large size, and it is roomy without being ridiculously too big on me. This might be terrific for not totally crushing my hair when I am running late, my hair is still damp, and I’m heading to campus for something that requires me to look nice. I guess what I’m saying is, this is a traditionally sized men’s hat, which is good to know.

seaman fo side 3

Details: Seaman’s Cap, by Brenda Zuk

Size: large

Needles: US 6 for ribbing, 7 for body of hat

Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Spunky Club dark bfl in Myrtle, 3-ply, light worsted.

Now that I have the kitchen scale, I should really be more precise about this, but my houseguest is still sleeping, and I need to turn the lights on to read the screen on my digital kitchen scale. I have a small ball of yarn leftover, maybe 30 yards or so? That would mean that the large size of this hat used up about 150 yards, give or take, which is perfect for single skeins of handspun.

It is possible that I will cast on another seaman’s cap very soon. Time to wake up my visitor and head to the farmer’s market!


5 thoughts on “FO: seaman’s cap.

  1. Nice FO. I personally don’t think the res is too rosy, but I guess that would depend on the giftee/ wearer of said hat. If you love it keep it and choose another colorway for the adult boy.

    I remember Farmer’s market – it’s where I tasted my first Mutsu apple. Is it still being held under the parking garage of the shopping area that’s closed off to cars on the bottom end of East State St?

  2. I think the colors are fine for a boy as well, though I agree it depends a lot on the recipient’s taste. The boys in my house are humourously (to me, at least) sensitive to color gender and will only tolerate wearing a pretty limited range. That’s a great hat pattern!

  3. I know my men wouldn’t wear a cap with anything rose or warm red on it, would have to be a vibrant red. If the intended wearer likes it, doesn’t matter. It’s a great pattern.

    Enjoy the farmers market. We hit it today too.

  4. Oooh pretty! I love man-sized hats for just the same reason. As for the color, the reds don’t seem too rosy to me, but then … sometimes people are very sensitive about pinks.

  5. Looks like an (adult) boy hat to me! Awesome!

    And, may I say, I LOVE the over-the-head-finished-hat shot!

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