last night, and the night before last.

(I’ll not say which ni-i-ight.) A seaman friend of mine…

I can’t help it. Whenever I sit down to work on my handspun seaman’s cap, I hear Billy Bragg and Wilco singing “Walt Whitman’s Niece,” the first track on the first Mermaid Avenue album (the project sets Woody Guthrie’s words to music).

seaman's cap prog

Late (very late) last night, I finally finished the ribbing, and switched to size 7 needles to continue in stockinette.

Off to pour my first cup of coffee and prepare for the day!


5 thoughts on “last night, and the night before last.

  1. I love that album! Its tracks are often in my head as well. You’ve inspired me to make my friend a hat for her birthday next week. Once I finish the hat I’m making…

  2. I think any seaman friend of yours would be very pleased with such a hat. Perhaps even Ingrid Bergman? The colors are lovely — very appropriate for fall.

  3. i’m making this hat. i like it so! too bad i tried to rely on michael’s (bad idea) and walmart (WHAT!!?!?) to have the right needles… yeah right. they each had a wide selection of old aluminum needles as long as my arm, nothing more. a migration to the yarn shop is in order, even though it is an hour away. i want this hat! enjoy your visiting!!!!


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