garter = good.

gyc yokeinprog

There’s a lot going on this week, and at this point in the semester, I’m trying to do a lot of planning in order to feel a bit more in control of my life. When that stuff gets slightly overwhelming, I’ve found that garter stitch can help: it offers soothing repetitive motion, the comfort of productivity, and sends my worries to the back of my brain. This is exactly the right cardigan to be working on right now!

gyc yokeinprogress2

I absolutely love how this looks in my handspun. My stitch counts are slightly off, because when I picked up the wraps, I didn’t knit them together with the stitch they were wrapping, so I’m at 152 st instead of 147 at about 20 rows in. I’ve done some quick math that will allow me to fix that in the next increase row.



And Boh is, well, Boh. Here, it appears that he is helping with some of that worrying. He has his own schedule of napping, tail-chasing, walking in the woods, bone-sorting, etc. to plan out.


9 thoughts on “garter = good.

  1. The homespun looks incredible knit up.
    I hear you on the soothing knitting when feeling overwhelmed, I’m in the midst of a lot of stocking stich now and it’s just what I needed.
    Boh is just too cute. :)

  2. Knitting is the best. I’m trying to remember to make time for it when there seems like there isn’t time for anything. It helps. The yoke looks gorgeous! At least that’s one thing Boh doesn’t have to worry about.

  3. I completely agree about the garter stitch. It’s like a mental palate cleanser. And it looks absolutely stunning in your handspun!

  4. Poor dogs and their complicated lives! Your yoke is looking lovely. I totally agree about the mindless knitting thing. I would be a nervous wreck without it.

  5. I LOVE that yarn!! It is working up so well!! I could just EAT the colors!! Happy soothing knitting!!!!

  6. So beautiful in your handspun. I cannot wait to see it finished!

    …and I also can’t wait to learn how to spin, so that I can have my own lovely handspun-yoked garter stitch cardigan. Mine is going to be in plain Cascade 220 for now. How boring!

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