I stand corrected.

That’s right. Remember when I said (yesterday) that it seemed as though Boh had forgotten about his supervisory role?


Our dear friend T came over yesterday, bearing blackberries (for muffin-making) and some close-to-completed Thanksgiving Day fingerless mitts.


Boh loves T, but he seemed to take a particular interest in her knitting progress.

boh talia concerned

See? Here he’s a little bit worried about that thumb-hole part of the pattern.

bohandtalia laydown

Phew! Boh can relax a little bit now.  (Note T, displaying a completed thumb-hole.)

blackberry muffins

And here are those muffins, made with blackberries picked from T’s yard! We didn’t quite achieve our goal of the perfect muffin top, but even so, these are very tasty. Perhaps we’ll make another attempt with the big muffin tin, which allows for more completely filled muffin compartments, thus creating opportunity for the muffin tops to expand.


Clearly, Boh had an exhausting day at work. (He is actually fast asleep and snoring in these photos.)


Man, I love this dog.


6 thoughts on “I stand corrected.

  1. Isn’t it amazing how completely they can wrap themselves around your heart?? I never thought I was a dog person until I lived with one day in and day out…. Now I am complete mush when it comes to the doggie!
    I can see how he sleeps… I bet those dog feet get planted in your back in the middle of the night to make room, huh? Maggie does that, but she is smaller and unable to actually push me out of bed!


  2. Boh is so fantastic. I love his face in the third picture. Eyebrow raised as if to say, “Ten bucks says she can’t do this.” He’s too cute.

  3. Its beautiful the way dogs can melt your heart. Thats why i enjoy working on my web site dedicated to dog training.
    Lovely pictures

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